5th project partner meeting of the BalticRIM project in Tallinn

grop of people in museum with a ship wreck

On 04-05. March 2020, the project partners of BalticRIM met in Tallinn to discuss the project progress and its finalization.

The two days partner meeting was hosted by University of Tartu and took place partly in the Estonian Maritime Museum https://meremuuseum.ee/en/estonian-maritime-museum/ . The 5th project period out of six project periods ends on 31.03.2020, from April 2020 the project enters its final phase. The achieved progress so far encompasses several project outputs, which are published on the BalticRIM website www.balticrim.eu:

  • O2.1 Report: To transmit Maritime Cultural Heritage (MCH)knowledge for MSP processes
  • O2.2 Report: The assessment of the available MCH data and proposed measures for the MSP data exchange, as well as terminology harmonization
  • O2.3 Data portal https://balticrimdataportal.eu/ and report: Methodology and obstacles during schematization of Cultural Heritage assets
  • O2.4 Report: Legal implications of the integration of MCH into national/sub-national MSP in each BSR country (including an analysis of the status quo in Russia)
  • O2.5 Report: TheBaltic Maritime Heritage–spatial atlas
  • O3.1 Report: Stakeholders’ involvement
  • O3.2 Report: Maritime Cultural Heritage impact assessment strategy for MSP
  • O3.3 Tool: Business game on maritme spatial planning for maritime cultural heritage
  • O4.1 Report: Status report on socio-economic aspects when linking maritime and underwater cultural heritage to Blue Economy sectors.

More outputs will be published on the website after the end of project period 5 (31.03.2020).

The planned stakeholder event of the project in Kotka (Finland) on 27-28.05.2020 is unfortunately cancelled as physical event due to the current corona virus circumstances. Updates about the event if it takes place as online format or later this year will be published on the website.

Read more: www.balticrim.eu







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