Revolutionizing Multi-Use in France: Nantes University Hosts Groundbreaking Multi-Use Workshops

Participatory workshops were held at Nantes University on October 27 and 28 to discuss multi-use developments in France. They were organized under the Multi-Frame project and were supported by the Maritime Chair.

Ten representatives of marine users and institutions involved in Marine Spatial Planning attended each day, both in-person and online. Many participants are engaged in the Multi-Frame project and were interviewed between April and June 2022 to assess two multi-use scenarios in the Bay of Biscay. The short-term scenario combines fisheries, aquaculture and tourism, while the long term-one consists in integrating fishing and aquaculture in offshore wind farms.

The participatory workshops aimed at providing feedback on and completing multi-use assessment. They opened with a general presentation and discussion of three main results gained during the interviews:

  • Marine users and planners know about and are interested in multi-use, although the French approach to maritime spaces’ management is focused on co-existence and co-activity
  • Fishing or aquaculture-based tourism already exists, but has a low development potential
  • Synergies between offshore wind, fisheries and aquaculture have not really been explored yet

Participants confirmed these findings and debated about multi-use risks, opportunities and benefits in the light of a massive and accelerated development of the offshore wind industry.

In a second phase, attendees participated in a collaborative foresight exercise aiming at envisioning possible synergies between offshore wind, fishing and aquaculture in 2050. To that end, they were invited to draw on a map representing the Bay of Biscay the potential geographical distribution of theses 3 marine uses as well as their relationships. Then, each group had to explain how this scenario could be achieved by identifying opportunities to be seized, challenges to overcome and actions to implement. Finally, participants agreed upon a list of recommendations to foster ocean multi-use in the Bay of Biscay and beyond.

What about you? How do you envision multi-use developments in France?

Check out the latest presentation about the French MULTI-FRAME case study HERE


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