photobioreactor out of plastic pipes

Algoliner: photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae


The company Algoliner developed a production method for manufacturing of photobioreactors, which are used for cultivation of microalgae


The Company

Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG is a German based company founded in 2013. The company developed a production method for manufacturing of photobioreactors, which are used for cultivation of microalgae.


The unique production system of Algoliner for manufacturing of photobioreactors allows cultivation of microalga in a much more efficient way, which saves costs and resources. Additionally, it is possible to position sensors at any required place and using automated cleaning in selected places. Since the profiles are more flexible than traditional solutions, Algoliner can realize photobioreactors concepts which were not feasible with common techniques. First lab scale systems are in use and show positive results.

Photobioreactors are required for the cultivation of high-quality microalgae. Most of existing photobioreactors consist of transparent pipes with lengths of up to several hundred kilometers, through which water is pumped with nutrients and CO2 addition. As the solution flows through, microalgae grow continuously through photosynthesis, in which the CO2 is converted into biomass with the help of light.

Thanks to the production method of Algoliner, the tubular profiles are manufactured on site. This eliminates the need to transport them and the need to put together the individual segments into long sections. Algoliner used the creative freedom gained in this way to equip the profiles with an integrated hanging system. In addition to saving transport costs, they do not need any connecting elements to merge the sub-segments. With the suspension system, they were able to reduce the wall thickness to a minimum. This reduces the manufacturing costs enormously, since the required raw materials is only half amount of current systems. Algoliner achieves the best CO2 footprint compared to all other systems.


Algoliner has several needs:

  • Possibility of participation in biomass production facilities with a clear business focus
  • Participating in new production concepts where Algoliner system can provide benefits
  • Promotion among commercial and academic partners
  • Providing of assistance to scientific partners who realize microalgae cultivation methods
  • Partnerships, where the co-operation partner is not just running the photobioreactor but also using the harvested material for their own activities.
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