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Nordic Seafarm: EU Organic certified & Swedish-cultivated seaweed


Nordic Seafarm is a producer of macroalgae in the clean waters of the Swedish west coast.


The Company

Through EU Organic certified & Swedish-cultivated seaweed, Nordic Seafarm (previously known as Koster Alg) helps companies to create sustainable and nutritious products of premium quality. With humans and the planet at the centre, their mission is to facilitate the transition towards sustainable food consumption (and hopefully develop other exciting and innovative applications in the future!).

In addition, the seaweed cultivation in the Swedish Koster Sea is a net absorber of carbon dioxide – for every tonne of seaweed grown, about 150kg of carbon dioxide equivalent is captured. At the same time, the cultivation counteracts the eutrophication of our seas – which of course Nordic Seafarm is happy to contribute to.


Nordic Seafarm today offers seaweed in two categories: Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) and Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca). The sugar kelp, which is cultivated in the Skagerack sea, has a unique umami-flavor, is a natural source of salt and is packed with anti-oxidants and minerals. Their customers use sugar kelp in many dishes such as vegan burgers & sausages, salad component, taste enhancer in fish dishes, ingredient in bread and many more. The sea lettuce, which is grown in land-based tanks with water from the Skagerack sea, has a crisp texture, easy to work with and is packed with essential minerals and vitamins for the human body. Nordic Seafarm’s customers use the Sea Lettuce in salads, Asian-fusion dishes and also for brewing and flavouring Gin(!).
Nordic Seafarm delivers seaweed meeting the specific needs and wishes of their customers. This could include fresh, blanched, dried, or another seaweed form of delivery.


Nordic Seafarm is actively looking for new partnerships to develop innovative products derived from seaweed. They are also about to scale up production and look for long-term partners to share the journey towards being the leading actor within premium seaweed cultivation and productification.

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