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NPO Kinematika: waste water treatment and water desalination


Universal disruptive biotechnology for waste water treatment, recovery of soil fertility, bioleaching of metals from mining waste, brewery and food industry, etc.


The Company

NPO Kinematika, LLC, a Russian company based in Kazan, developed a disruptive information-wave method that helps waste water treatment plants to drastically enhance the efficiency of aboriginal microorganisms living at their facilities, thus saving millions of Euros allocated for: 1) designing and building of additional/new waste water treatment facilities; and 2) regular supplies of ready-made mixes from companies that rely on conventional biotechnologies.

The company can help municipalities and countries improve the environment within a short period of time (circa 1 year), ensuring the recycling of up to 100% of waste water that can be sold to industrial enterprises, agricultural farms or used for various municipal needs, like watering the green areas, washing the streets, etc.


Aboriginal microorganisms, taken from specific facility/location and treated by information-wave method, showing 6- to 10-times higher efficiency of waste water treatment; ensuring 40-times higher recovery rate for metals (like copper, silver, gold) extracted from mining waste; restoring natural fertility of agricultural lands; extending the service life of brewery yeast, etc.


NPO Kinematika, LLC is looking for a partner who would be promoting its biotechnology in the markets of EU countries either on the basis of an agency agreement or as a stakeholder in a joint venture to be established in the relevant EU country.

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