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ENDOBIOS: E-discovery services in natural extracts exploitation

Endobios exploits overlooked natural products within the blue bioeconomy


The Company

ENDOBIOS Biotech® R&D is focused on drug discovery and development of natural compounds derived from microorganisms, mostly for diseases of the nervous system and antiinfectives.

Their most developed asset is a preclinical-stage new chemical entity candidate (derived from a marine microorganism), with a new mode of action and with potential use against multiple neuropathies, particularly epilepsy and neuropathic pain.


ENDOBIOS® provides the E-discovery services in natural products exploitation, to increase the value chain of clients cultivating or harvesting micro/ macroorganisms, through the attribution of meaningful bioactivity in natural extracts, indirectly via whole chemical diversity profiling and directly with biological tests.

The ENDOBIOS E-Chem® is a technique for the profiling of natural products diversity in any type of natural extract (algae, fungi, bacteria, plants, etc.). With the detected natural products, the company can identify the bioactivity of these products.

The ENDOBIOS E-Test® is aimed for the discovery of new biological significance in natural extracts (or pure compounds), making available to clients several panels of biological tests for crop protection, cosmetics or pharma applications.

ENDOBIOS Biotech® also provides natural products chemistry custom support (isolation, structure elucidation), and consulting for the execution of projects in natural products bioeconomic exploitation.


ENDOBIOS joined the Accelerator for Blue Growth to consolidate the sales strategy, to determine the possible bottlenecks on their services, to outreach to the blue biotechnology sector and to create synergies through networking.

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