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PurOceans: Deep Water Rehabilitation Technology


PurOceans cleans up waters and seabeds from oil products and micro-plastic around the World


The Company

PurOceans Technology is a Latvian startup within clean tech industry, established in 2019. They are team of 5 members with 35 years of combined experience in oil contaminated sediments, microbiology science, 15 year of combined entrepreneurial experience and 15 year of combined international experience in sales. 

Their mission is to clean up waters and seabeds from oil products and micro-plastic around the World. PurOceans aims to rehabilitate deep waters and restore/recover Deadzones(over 500 deadlines around the World), as well as restore historically polluted areas from oil products and micro-plastic. 


The pioneering, eco-friendly technology performs sophisticated water bottom cleaning in the most cost and time efficient way, providing positive impact to environment. PurOceans is able to clean up waterbody’s floor from oil, microplastic and chemical sediments without using any bio/chemical substances, without any mechanical intervention or lifting of soil, without using electric impulses, or other nowadays's methods, that one way, or another, harm flora and fauna. 

The technology is based on the principle of FLOTATION (molecular adhesion of petroleum hydrocarbons to the boundary between two phases – air and liquid).

  • New technology - eliminate the pollution from waterbody’s  floor on depth of 25 meters (in future up to 200 meters depth) 
  • Provide efficient cleaning (proven results - 98% of water/floor purification)
  • Eco-friendly solution – no chemical/mechanical intervention
  • No adverse effect - no any damage to flora&fauna

Massive benefits at no additional cost - stimulates reproduction of water inhabitants.


  • Industry Advisors
  • Possibility/Client interest to make a pilot test on depth of 200 meters in off-shore oil drilling platforms
  • Run a field pilot in Baltic Sea/Port/Any water object to prove the effectiveness of the technology and cost saving in comparison with existing methods
  • Industrial partners, ecological organizations, confederates
  • Production partners around the Globe
  • Value-chain partners to increase efficiency of processes.
  • Partnership with Oil-Spill Off Management Companies and organisations
  • Oil drilling companies
  • IMO partnership/certifications.

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