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Gediminas Tamosaitis

CEO of Metal Production UAB & coordinator of Rocket Cluster

Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

Metal Production is very motivated to meet different cases and other mentors in network. Be a part of Baltic blue economy growth and find feasible business cases for potential investments or for their sale leads. The expertise of Gediminas is process automation, engineering and production of non-standard equipment for aquaculture, industry and offshore sectors.

By education Gediminas is construction engineer but his path led to entrepreneurship. For 17 years he has experienced (KPI):

1. Sale in MLN Eur > 15mln,
2. B2B contracts > 900
3. Business internships > 500h
4. Pitch and presentations > 100
5. Exhibition visits > 30

Today, Gediminas is Cofounder-CEO of company Metal Production and founder of Rocket Cluster.

Metal Production UAB is SME in Lithuanian since 2012 with engineering office who helps to develop conceptual projects, do process automation and produce nonstandard equipment & constructions, for sub-sea, aqua culture, offshore or marine industry sectors. Also, the company is  one stop shop for fast track production.

Rocket Cluster since 2017 gathers different competences engineering companies to empower knowledge and capacity. Purpose of joint venture is to become more competitive and capable to deliver larger challenging projects in shorts terms for Today`s market.

Latest achievements:

Metal Production with Rocket cluster attracted investor with 1mln euro investment and got EU funding for 3mln euro to develop Seaweed Universal-Modular Cultivation, Automated Harvesting & Processing Technology.

In September of 2019 Metal Production has raised capital from EU funds and members total amount of 300 000 EUR for “Rocket cluster`s” involvement in international network chains to find new export markets.

Market active/interested

Cosmetics, food, feed incl. nutraceuticals, aquaculture, pharma.

Expertise in biological resources

Microalgae, incl. blooms, macroalgae, incl, beach cast, water.

Organization information

Name of organization: Metal Production UAB coordinator of Rocket Cluster.
Organization type:  Company.
Size: 10 employees,.
Department: N/A.

Main Focus areas:
-Technical and Networking.

Service offer

Analytical techniques, research infrastructure/equipment, buisness development.


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