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Christoph Storm

Trader of biomass products

Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

We would like to offer our network – which stretches from farms, production companies, universities, start-ups – and our expertise in product development and the introduction of new products to the market with upcoming business and new ideas.

At we do two thinks. First, we trade with a ride range of biomass and biomass-products. From the dust of a saw mill up to products for the cosmetic industry. Coming along with the trading is the product development we do. We find the fitting biomass for our customers, we make the biomass fit the needs of our customers, or we develop our own product/new marketing strategies.


Market active/interested

Cosmetics, food, feed incl. nutraceuticals, aqaculture, energy, pharma, farms (products for animals), construction and packaging (substitues for conventional products),

Expertise in biological resources

Microalgae incl. blooms, macroalgae, bacteria, fungi, mussels, water.

Organization information

Name of organization: Schierbecker Handels GmbH & Co.KG.
Organization type: company.
Size: 10 employees.
Department: Product and business development.

Main Focus areas:
Business expertise and networking.

Service offer

Business development, communication and lobbying.


SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

Kärntener Str. 20
DE–10827 Berlin



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