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Clewat: solving pollution problems of oceans, seas, rivers and lakes


Clewat deals with removing of harmful objects from the water


The Company

Clewat Ltd is an innovative growth company from Finland, that makes environmental solutions based on innovative patent-pending flow-management approach. The company manufactures and operates solutions related to removal of harmful water plants and algae, marine plastic, oil and chemical spills.


Clewat Cleansweep vessel is a unique and innovative structure that has been intensively tested in actual operational fields. The innovation is based on creation of low energy/high flow-combination using suction and closed separation of collected material from water, as well as combined logistics solutions


Clewat needs help in setting the right validation communication and in crowdsourcing for optimal operational locations for most environmental impact. Moreover, help is needed in access and promotion for governments, municipalities and NGOs. Also, collaboration with universities is of interests. Furthermore, Clewat needs access to actual users or potential users who collect marine biomass (including algae etc.). Finally, Clewat needs partners for funding solutions.

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