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Anneliis Peterson

Benthic ecosystem and predictive modeling researcher

Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

To develop cooperation between different sections and experts and find sustainable solutions and options in the field of blue economy. Get new knowledge and widen the circle of connections.

The Estonian Marine Institute is a contemporary scientific institution. The main purpose of the Marine Institute is research to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Marine sphere in Estonia and the Baltic Sea region. The Estonian Marine Institute is one of the biggest marine organizations in Estonia and contributes to research in several marine study fields. Their research ranges from sea water physics to biology, from microscopic scale to full ecosystems, having unique expert opinions and qualifications in most Marine research fields.
Anneliis Peterson (PhD) has benthic ecosystem background and she has been involved in many international projects connected with environmental risk management, sustainable use of the Baltic Sea and ecosystem management in it, but also briefly with mussels and macroalgae cultivation and harvesting possibilities in the Baltic Sea.


Market active/interested

Cosmetics, food, feed incl. nutraceuticals, aquaculture, energy, pharma.

Expertise in biological resources

Macroalgae, incl, beach cast, mussels, aqautic animals, water.

Organization information

Name of organization: Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu.
Organization type: Research institution.
Size: ~ 100 employees,
Department: Department of Marine Systems.

Main Focus areas:

  • Scientific research on MSP,
  • Environmental risk management,
  • Maritime cultural heritage management,
  • Mussel and algae farming,
  • Ecosystem services in the Baltic Sea.

Service offer

Research infrastructure/equipment,


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