a man with knife and seaweed at the coast

Claus Falconi

Seaweed lover and PhD

Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

For Claus Blue growth is the sustainable use of living marine resources. By sharing his experiences and network, he can help startups and SMEs to navigate in the seafood sector, especially those companies who focus on seaweed.

Falconi Mare ApS is consultancy and sales company with a strong international orientation, that offers a wide range of consulting services for the seafood and environment sectors. Falconi Mare also exports Danish and Greenlandic seaweed to the European markets. The company is owned by Claus Falconi, a biologist who has done research on seaweeds in Italy and Denmark. He loves experimenting with it in his own kitchen, but his interests is not limited to seaweed as a healthy food ingredient, - for example, he has collaborated with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
on using seaweed for soil quality improvement. He has also been External Supervisor for a Special Course on Seaweed Aquaculture at DTU, and helps startups who would like to work with wild or cultured seaweed for food, feed or cosmetics. Claus Falconi is currently secretary of Danish Seaweed Organisation and board member of the Danish Seaweed Network, a network with 360 members that work with, or have interest in, seaweed


Market active/interested

Cosmetics, food, feed incl. nutraceuticals, aquaculture, bioremediation, soil quality improvement.

Expertise in biological resources

Microalgae, incl. blooms, macroalgae, incl, beach cast, mussels, water.

Organization information

Name of organization: Falconi Mare ApS.
Organization type: Company.
Size: 1 employee.

Main Focus areas:
Macroalgae for food, feed, cosmetics and soil quality improvement. Networking.

Service offer

Analytical techniques, research infrastructure/equipment, business development, communication and lobbying.


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