Algae+Fucosan partners

SUBMARINER Network attends the FucoSan project partner meeting

FucoSan is a 3-year research project funded by Interreg Germany-Denmark programme. Its main aim is to assess the potential of producing and using Fucoidans, constituents of extracts from brown seaweeds for medical and cosmetic applications.

The project kick-started in March 2017 and is led by Prof. Dr. Alexa Klettner from University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein. In the course of three years, Fucoidans will be standardised, chemically characterised and tested for bioactivity. The test results will be documented in a cross-border knowledge database. The database aims to identify which Fucoidans are best suited for the development of medical devices for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), tissue engineering and cosmetics. To ensure the sustainable project results, FucoSan will also develop several business models.

FucoSan brings together eight partners from research institutions, the healthcare sector as well as the regional economy and seven network partner organisations (advisory group). SUBMARINER Network was invited as a member of the project advisory group and attended the first meeting on 1. June in Kiel.

SUBMARINER Network offered to promote the project results and create synergies with other blue bioeconomy projects, initiatives and actors in the BSR. For example, technology development, mentorship and business development to blue biotechnology spin-offs is the core of the Baltic Blue Biotechnology ALLIANCE service offer. SUBMARINER is looking forward to collaboration at a later stage of the FucoSan project.

Among the project partners are GEOMAR, Research Unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry, that is a member of the SUBMARINER Network and the lead project partner of the ALLIANCE, and Coastal Research & Management oHG, which is a project partner in the ALLIANCE.


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