Prof. Deniz Tasdemir

Marine Biotechnology at GEOMAR with new name and new directions

Our associate member GEOMAR launches GEOMAR-Biotech (GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology), a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to marine biotechnology and biodiscovery research. GEOMAR-Biotech is the successor of the Kiel Centre for Marine Natural Products, founded in 2006 through financial support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Schleswig-Holstein.

For many years, active marine substances have already been a research focus at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. Starting from the research unit Marine Microbiology, the Kiel Centre for Marine Natural Products (also known as Kieler Wirkstoff-Zentrum, KiWiZ) was established in 2006 by Prof. Johannes F. Imhoff. Now, after almost a decade, Prof. Dr. Deniz Tasdemir, reshaped and broadened the focus of the research in the field of marine natural products at GEOMAR. Visible signs are the new name GEOMAR-Biotech and the new logo, enrolled today at the facilities of the centre in Kiel.

The director of GEOMAR-Biotech, Prof. Dr. Deniz Tasdemir, has joined GEOMAR through a Helmholtz Recruitment Initiative in 2014. She also leads the newly established Research Unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry within the Research Division Marine Ecology of GEOMAR. “I think, the new name will better reflect the centre’s excellent capacity and infrastructure for research”, Professor Tasdemir says. “Our focus has been extended to cutting-edge natural products chemistry and biotechnology, in combination with highly enhanced chemistry research facilities, international networks and collaborations”, she continued. GEOMAR-Biotech has a unique position in Schleswig-Holstein and in Germany. “I am convinced that the new name and the direction will enable a greater reputation, networking and visibility at regional, national and international levels. GEOMAR-Biotech thrives to be a top research centre and a key partner for large academic or industrial initiatives in Europe and internationally. This development will be supported by an advisory panel comprised of distinguished experts from science and industry.’’

GEOMAR-Biotech website

photo: Andreas Villwock, GEOMAR


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