Baltic Blue Growth in Swedish TV news

Swedish public service broadcaster SVT reports about the mussel farm in Östergötland's St. Anna archipelago and the mussel farming project Baltic Blue Growth in its regional news for East Sweden. Reporter Christian Zetterdahl joined the project partners during their field trip to one of the six farms that form the basis for the three-year project.

"Each and every mussel sitting on these ropes – and there will be millions after a time – ventilates between 2 and 3 liters per hour. So, according to the calculations we have made, we will take up some 330 kg of nitrogen and 35 kg of phosphorus from the sea with each harvest", says Mats Emilsson, responsible project leader for the Östergötland farm, in a short interview.

Read more and watch the news clip on (in Swedish).

photo: screenshot from SVT news, reporter Christian Zetterdahl


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