Biotrino - Meet Blonde Chlorella

The SME Biotrino who attended the ALLIANCE mentoring programme has started in Usserød's old brewery a production of food that has the potential to really move something about sustainable nutrition.

The food is easy to use daily, tastes and smells good, is a good nutrition with 60% proteins, 10% omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, provides less need for salt, can often replace the need for eggs and milk in dishes, emits minimal CO2 in production (67% less CO2 than soy protein), consumes very little water (46% less than soy), does not absorb farmland or need fertilizer, is a natural "wholefood", is allergen-free, is not transported from far away but is manufactured with care "around the corner" and in the long run can play an important role in sustainable nutrition of the Earth's rising population.

Biotrino would like to test the product in the kind of food people normally eat and evaluate the experiences of users who participated in the test. It must be food that is easy to make and does not require the users to buy a lot of different ingredients. Biotrino team sprinkles Blonde Chlorella on their oatmeal every morning, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and pour almond milk on - very healthy power breakfast that keeps hungry from the door for the rest of the day.

Who is forming the Biotrino team? Søren is 30 years old, an idea man and founder. As a vegetarian and serial entrepreneur, in 2017 he decided to find a food that could help solve the global challenge of sustainable healthy nutrition. After a start at DTU where Søren studied, the company has moved to the old brewery in Usserød and he has assembled a dedicated team that is equally committed to sustainability and nutrition and who together have experience in biological production, marketing and sales.

Søren knew early the amazing nutrient density of microalgae and found via research an approved variant that with the right growing conditions is as healthy as the well-known green varieties, but tastes and smells much better. There is a chance that there are other than the most hardcore Chlorella followers who will use Blonde Chlorella superfood protein in the daily intake of food.

Besides Søren, in the team there is also Rikke, Piotr, Henrik and Nikolaj who are working hard to spread the knowledge of Blonde Chlorella.

In Denmark, the vast majority of agricultural land is used to grow livestock feed, which is subsequently slaughtered and eat. The soil must be fertilized in order for the plants to grow and the fertilizer can end up in groundwater and washed out in fjords, streams and lakes, the animals often receive antibiotics, which increases the likelihood of resistance.

Every time a gram of protein from meat, eggs, soy, and some vegetables is replaced with Blond Chlorella, the one who eats has done something good for the globe - and for himself.


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