Maritime Energy Transition - Setting the Course towards Decarbonisation of Shipping

27 June 2018
Brussel, Belgium

Since the Paris Agreement left out international shipping from any climate goals, the white elephant in room since 2015 has been: What is international shipping´s contribution in reaching the climate goals? The EU Parliament positioned itself shortly afterwards and asked the IMO to act. In April 2018 the IMO agreed to at least halve the greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The question at hand is now: How to reach the IMO goals?

For the shipping industry, 2050 is almost “tomorrow”, and to cut its emissions by 50% or even more is obviously impossible without significant changes regarding technologies, supply chains, fuels, etc.

Together with VDMA Engines and Systems, the Searica intergroup , will organise a conference on the "Maritime Energy Transition" to discuss the opportunities and challenges with MEPs and representatives from the European Commission, maritime industry, ports, NGOs and science.

We are pleased to invite you to this panel discussion to search together answers on the questions What’s the way forward, how do we get there – and what is necessary today to achieve the agreed targets tomorrow?

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