HELCOM-Interreg-Workshop on Marine Litter and Ecodesign

14 June 2018
Stratum Lounge, Berlin, Germany

Aim of the workshop 

Marine litter has close ties with how we produce and consume products. 
In the Baltic Sea Area, the Helsinki Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area (HELCOM) has set out a Plan of Action to prevent marine litter. One of the actions is to understand the role that ecodesign can play in reducing or preferably prevent marine litter. The results of the workshop will directly be used to develop measures and to create solutions for the issue. It is also aimed to create a network of interested stakeholders that facilitates future cooperation between designers, industry representatives, researchers and other interested stakeholders. 

Key questions 

» How can product design contribute to prevent marine litter?
» How can prodcuts be designed in a way that, should they end up in the oceans, they cause as little damage as possible? 
» What is the role of product design in the bigger sustainability and circular economy context? 
» What do designers, product, service developers and engineers need to know in order to contribute in an adaquate way to marine litter prevention?
» What are opportunities and limitations of sustainable design for marine litter? What are supportive systems? Which further framework conditions are needed so that ecodesigned services and products reach their objectives?

The organizers would like to invite designers, business and industry representatives, researchers and authorities to take part in this workshop and discuss and develop solutions for these urgent issues. 

Please contact Mr. Conrad Dorer on behalf of the Interreg-Project ”EcoDesign Circle”: 
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