Blue Tech Cluster - The Ocean as an Innovative Resource

15 August 2019
Svendborg, Denmark

Scale your Blue Growth impact by joining the innovation network Blue Tech Cluster and matchmake with industry, researchers, kapital funds and startups.

About this Event

How do we leverage disruptive innovation in a sector that only experience 5% utilisation? That is one of the main dilemmas we explore, at this Blue Tech Cluster innovation meetup.

Blue Tech Cluster bridge industry, research, venture capital and innovation environments and creates a network platform, for experience-based knowledge sharing with a purpose og leveraging Blue Growth innovation.

Join the network meetup on August 15 2019 in Svendborg to leverage your innovation and knowledge about the opportunities within marine innovation.

SUBMARINER Network and the Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance will be participating in the event.

Please refer to the event website for more information