Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020

19 November – 20 November 2020
This event is online

The Global Bioeconomy Summit (GBS) is a high-level, biennial international conference. It has become the leading event with a format to globally review and discuss emerging opportunities and challenges of bioeconomy and develop visions for future development of sustainable bioeconomy among key actors from governments, science and innovation, business and civil society. The Summit has been initiated by the Bioeconomy Council of the Federal German Government in 2015. The summit links bioeconomy policy closely to global sustainable development and climate agendas.


The workshop sessions will be organized in four parallel tracks. Each of these four tracks will consist of three workshop sessions, each one featuring one specific theme. The themes to be covered in these sessions are listed below. Each workshop proposal for the first three tracks needs to address one of those themes. The additional fourth track, called “Bioeconomy goes regional,” has no pre-defined theme. This call for workshops will enable the participation of the many (and growing in number) regional/local bioeconomy efforts and players, thus promoting the discussion of the topics of common interest that are emerging from these initiatives.

The SUBMARINER Network will contribute to two workshops: “Rebooting the Economy – Sustainability, Growth, and Climate Action” as well as the “Land and sea: sustainable bioeconomy and inter-regional ecosystems” (the latter in the Track “Regional bioeconomies & global collaboration”).

--> Track 1: Science & Research Workshop Session
1.1 Bio-innovations for sustainable agriculture, forestry, fishery and food systems
1.2 Bioeconomy, climate action & biodiversity
1.3 Education, training & capacity building

--> Track 2: Policy & Society
2.1 Methodologies and good practices in bioeconomy strategy development
2.2 Sustainable consumption – demand side bioeconomy policies
2.3 International policy instruments and governance in the bioeconomy

--> Track 3: Industry & Business
3.1 Next-generation bioeconomy
3.2 Sustainable financing and bioeconomy investment opportunities
3.3 Scaling-up and industrial transition to bioeconomy

--> Track 4: Bioeconomy goes regional – thematically open call

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