Aquaculture Europe - the Blue and the Green - Madeira 2021

05 October – 08 October 2020
Madeirã, Portugal

Aquaculture can take the lead in the Blue -Green Bio-Economyand is well placed to lead by example with new technologies such as land-based marine aquaponics, large-scale recirculating marine farms and innovative, integrated freshwater initiatives on brown field sites. When it comes to having a societal impact, recent re-search has shown that aquaculture products, from sea-weed to salmon, should be included as part of a bal-anced diet from the first 1000 days right through to pro-moting healthy ageing. This conference will bring together stakeholders from many diverse disciplines to discuss and debate cross cut-ting issues such as new circular economies, life-long health and environmentally sustainable production.

AE2021 Madeira
October 5-8, 2021
Abstract deadline: May 1
Early Bird registration deadline: July 15


SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

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DE–10827 Berlin



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