Plan your own mussel farm in the Baltic Sea: Operational Decision Support System (ODSS)

Do you want to know where are the best spots for mussel farming in the Baltic Sea? What the environmental impacts of such a farm could be? Look no further, the BBG project has launched its Operational Decision Support System (ODSS) with a “plan your farm” feature.

The ODSS is a user-friendly web application, which makes it possible to share and analyse environmental data related to mussel farming. The portal is unique as it is built on harmonized methodologies and big data with high scientific quality. You can find all existing on-site evidence of the effects of mussel farming in the Baltic Sea area. The ODSS also features a novel spatial modelling framework to show where mussel production potential and nutrient removal is the highest. This information is crucial in order to allocate the best possible mussel cultivation areas that will most effectively decrease nutrient content in the water.

To avoid any potential conflicts with other uses of the Baltic Sea, the portal also shows the spatial allocation of other human activities.

By applying all these features, the ODSS portal finds new ways to mitigate the risks of intensified eutrophication in the fragile and valuable ecosystem that is the Baltic Sea. The project was only possible through multidisciplinary cooperation and communication between stakeholders across the Baltic Sea Region, and so ensure an effective transboundary engagement of key actors.

Check out the presentation "Operational Decision Support System (ODSS) for the BalticBlueMusselFarming - a platform enabling upload, analysis and sharing of information" to learn more.

Want to find out more and try out some of its features? Perhaps even plan your own farm?

Click here to open the ODSS portal.



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