Better Off Blue #7 - GRASS Baltic Macroalgae Conference

06 May – 07 May 2021
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    Macroalgae are game-changing biomass resources for producing food, cosmetics and energy without competing for arable land, depleting fresh water and adding fertiliser. However, the sector is still in its infancy in the Baltic Sea Region and there is a lack of in-depth and wide-spread knowledge on the potential benefits of macroalgae. The GRASS project conference will gather experts, from the Baltic Sea and beyond, with knowledge, initiatives, stories and practices. The aim to place seaweed in the heart of the Baltic Sea Region, to raise awareness, also among public authorities, on the arising benefits and opportunities of macroalgae and pave the way for future innovation and product development. For this the conference will give voice to the triple helix of innovation - industry, academia and government. During the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to elaborate on a developing position paper, a draft of which will be pre-circulated by the GRASS project partners.

    Themes of the conference:

    • State of play and prospects of macroalgae production and use in the BSR
    • Benefits, risks, opportunities and barriers in innovation, production and product development
    • How to bridge supply and demand for marketing algae products? Understand the industry needs to upscale production
    • The role of algae in contributing to EUs contribution to SDGs: nutrient recycling, GHG emission uptake, biodiversity
    • Knowledge transfer to stimulate the Baltic algae sector
    • Lessons learned from other European regions more advanced in large scale production
    • How to best link up with the European wide ‘Algae’ initiatives
    • Harvesting beach-cast: a problem or a resource?
    • What comes AFTER GRASS – how to continue work as the SUBMARINER Algae working group

    Contact: Efthalia Arvaniti This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    DAY 1

    09:30 -10:20 Welcome

    • Welcome // Fredrik Gröndahl, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE
    • Algae initiative // Maris Stulgis, DG MARE
    • Speaker TBC
    • SUBMARINER Roadmap 2027 on seaweed, halophytes and beach cast // Efthalia Arvaniti, SUBMARINER Network

    10:20 -10:40 Presentation of Algae Working Group with interactive session // Efthalia Arvaniti, SUBMARINER Network

    10:40 - 12:00 Session 1: State of Play: Market Pull for Macroalgae in the BSR

    • The Baltic macroalgae market // Tomasz Kulikowski, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI), PL
    • Unlocking potentil of macroalgae for food // Moona Rahikainen, University of Turku, FI
    • Fucoidan applications (food, cosmetics, pharma) // Alexa Klettner, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), DE
    • Speaker TBC
    • Start-up Pitches:
      • Seaweed products // Ines Schiller, VYLD, DE
      • TBC
    • Panel Discussion with Q&A: Business model trends combining ecosystem services and market products; market barriers; novel food regulations

    12:00 -12:20 Comfort break

    12:20 - 13:40 Session 2: State of Play: Barriers to Macroalgae Production in the BSR

    • Assessing the pan-Baltic potential of macroalgae production and its methods // Anneliis Koivupuu & Daniel Franzen, University of Tartu & KTH, EE & SE
    • Macroalgae production with the GRASS and SUSCULT projects: Issues on regulating a novel blue biomass // Teresa Camarena Gomez, SYKE, FI
    • Results from Tang.Nu, the Danish GRASS project // Annette Bruhn, Aarhus University, DK
    • Speaker TBC
    • Industry Pitches:
      • TBC
      • TBC
    • Panel Discussion with Q&A: What do farmers need to upscale and met demand?


    DAY 2

    09:30 - 09:50 Welcome

    09:50 - 11:10 Session 3: Environmental benefits, risks & opportunities

    • Manual on environmental impact assessments for macroalgae cultivation and harvesting in the Baltic Sea // Latvian Institute of Aquati Ecology (LIAE), LV
    • Sea multi-use with seaweed aquaculture // Ivana Lukic, s.Pro, DE
    • Speaker TBC
    • Industry Pitches:
      • TBC
      • TBC
    • Panel Discussion with Q&A

    11:10 - 11:20 Comfort break

    11:20 - 12:10 Session 4: Beach-cast: Problem or Resource?

    • Socio-economic benefits of beach cast, harvest & management // Hanna Nathaniel, KTH, SE
    • Closing the nutirent loop with harveting beach cast and applying digestate on land: Coastal Biogas Project // Jörgen Held, Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, DE
    • Speaker TBC
    • Industry Pitches:
      • TBC
      • TBC
    • Panel Discussion with Q&A: What are the main barriers for scaling up sustainably and reaching potential?

    12:10 - 12:30 Comfort break

    12:30 - 13:45 Consolidation Session and GRASS Legacy

    • Findings from GRASS sessions: Input for the SUBMARINER Algae Working Group Position Paper
    • Final Panel Discussion with industry, regional and R&D representatives and their commitments
      • EC DG MARE
      • Seaweed for Europe
      • Industry 
      • National / Regional Politicians
      • Ministries
      • R&D





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