Blue Economy Business and Science Forum

12 September – 13 September 2016
International Maritime Museum Hamburg, Hamburg, Deutschland
Blue Economy Business and Science Forum

The first summit of the Blue Economy Business and Science Forum will take place in Hamburg on 12-13 September 2016 at the International Maritime Museum Hamburg. The International Maritime Museum Hamburg is selected as a venue for event for its historical importance for marine and maritime industry, research and finance.


The EU Blue Economy provides over 5 million jobs and approximately 4% of Europe’s Gross Domestic Product. New technologies, including underwater engineering and DNA sequencing offer possibilities to increase this contribution. To capture this potential, the European Commission has launched a Blue Growth initiative which explores new ways to contribute to the EU's economy through technological, industrial and financial innovation whilst respecting the scarcity and vulnerability of marine resources.

As part of this effort, the Commission in its Communication on Innovation in the Blue Economy proposed to launch a Blue Economy Business and Science Forum - a platform for business, science, finance and policy representatives to exchange knowledge and experience, discuss opportunities and barriers for innovation in the blue economy and celebrate scientific and industrial achievements. It will provide a sounding board for industry and an opportunity for the participants to provide timely advice to the Commission.

The Blue Economy Business and Science Forum was officially launched at the European Maritime Day conference, held in Greece in May 2015 and the Hamburg Summit event is the first gathering of the Forum to address the Blue Growth challenges.


The Hamburg Summit will gather together over 200 Blue Economy stakeholders to discuss and propose solutions on:

  • how to boost the European competitiveness in marine and maritime technologies;
  • how to increase cooperation between science and industrial sectors; and
  • how to fully demonstrate the value of innovative technologies, scale them up and bring them to the market.

Participants will also discuss bottlenecks hindering the commercialisation of innovative blue technologies in the EU. Innovation is costly and even more so in the marine environment. Therefore, access to finance for innovation will be considered as one of the key issues. The event will explore the new Commission proposal on the European Innovation Council as an opportunity for Blue Economy entrepreneurs-innovators.

The Summit will deliver concrete recommendations on:

  • How to benefit from already existing research, innovation and technology achievements to speed-up commercialisation of marine technologies.
  • How to bring science and business communities closer.
  • How to encourage cross-sectorial collaboration.
  • What regulatory and financial measures the European Commission should take to boost investments in the Blue Economy.
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