Become a member of the SUBMARINER Network

Are you looking for a platform for continuous communication, exchanges of experience, joint project development and implementation within blue bioeconomy in the Baltics? Become a member of the SUBMARINER Network!

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Through the membership fees, the secretariat of the Network offers a baseline set of network & communication tools and services to the triple helix, e.g. the structure, admin, website with profiles, news & event list, e-newsletter, contacts agenda, expert know-how.

On top, the Network leverages membership fees to further access external financial support (e.g. strategic funding, project development) to provide additional services, e.g. knowledge transfer, promotion, match-making events, workshops both by secretariat or through the Network partners.

Internal projects (seeking additional support): working groups, SUBMARINER compendium & roadmap update, business corners - agenda defined by members in a bottom-up approach.

Benefits for all members

  • Promotion of competences, news and events via all SUBMARINER Network channels
    • Website, newsletters, our social media, info-stands within the frames of various events, etc.
  • Exclusive access to news, event, and marketing offers
    • Invitation in exclusive events min. 3 times a year, e.g. workshops, meeting, match-making events
    • Internal updates on different events and opportunities, invitations to Network meetings and workshops
  • Participation in joint missions and roadshows in and outside the BSR under one flag, e.g. educational trips, business trips, project meetings, bootcamps
  • The Secretariat coordinates and supports thematic working groups within the Network
    • Join a thematic working group!
  • The secretariat, with the help of the Network, coordinates and supports the set-up of new project consortia
  • Joint formulation and policy-oriented dissemination of position papers on Baltic Sea Region and European levels
  • Acceleration services for companies and R&D
    • In house mentoring and service provision opportunities
    • Access to actors' maps
  • We co-create a comprehensive data base of all relevant bioeconomy actors in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Access to publishing opportunities
  • Co-write a paper with us!
  • Profit from a knowledge exchange with experts in the fields of Baltic Blue Bioeconomy.

Exclusive services for full members

  • Participation in the executive board of the SUBMARINER Network with voting rights
    • Full voting rights on strategic issues (e.g. which project development may be supported by EEIG)
    • Veto right in budget-related issues
  • Responsibility to third parties for the obligations of the EEIG up to a degree corresponding to the legal liability of their institution (negotiable)
  • Representation of interests in missions or acquisition on new projects
  • Benefit of “no-cost” project management due to membership fee
  • Benefit from in-kind contributions in projects (e.g. Horizon) under the SUBMARINER Network EEIG flag

Hi! My name is Efthalia Arvaniti, Programme Manager  of the SUBMARINER Network, and I look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of your organisation.


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