Multi-use sea farms & Eco-anchor to upscale seaweed production

multi use with offshore wind

A new collaboration between the offshore wind industry and the nature-inclusive seaweed sector is a stepping stone for realizing Multi-use sea farms. Ørsted and Stichting Noordzeeboerderij signed a Letter of Intent in which both parties express their intention to combine ‘mooring solutions with nature development in multi-use systems’. Stichting Noordzeeboerderij initiated the collaboration as they are currently working on a prototype of a nature-inclusive anchoring system: the Eco-anchor. This system will be designed for several multi-use activities within offshore wind farms. Ørsted underlines the need for exploring nature-inclusive multi-use concepts, considering the growth of wind farms at sea. The Letter of Intent marks a first step in achieving this.

The Eco-anchor project, supported by the AFAS Foundation, is key in upscaling seaweed production in the Netherlands in a sustainable way. Right now, seaweed production in the North Sea occurs on a pilot scale. The aim is to grow towards 500km2 of nature-inclusive seaweed cultivation within wind farms by 2030. In this way, these wind farms effectively become multi-use areas and this is an example of a Multi-use sea farm. It is essential for these types of farms to respect ecological boundaries so that it is a future-proof production activity. The ideal Multi-use sea farm seeks synergy between nature, food production and generating energy.

Source: Noordzeeboerderij.

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Status 16.04.2020.


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