New app for reporting anomalies under water

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In an ongoing effort to detect and salvage derelict fishing gear, which poses a threat to marine life and the ecosystem in general due to micro-plastics, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched the Ghostnet Project.

Under the lead of Gabriele Dederer of this NGO’s German branch, the development of an app to locate new ghostnets was commissioned to EGEOS. The app was developed specifically to tap the swarm intelligence of scuba-divers. 

Derelict fishing gear is often found at so-called „net-hooks“, i.e. obstacles on the sea-bed, which caused the loss of the gear. Many of these obstacles are not indicated on official marine charts and could lead to the discovery of new wrecks or other anthropogenic remains. For this reason, a cooperation with the State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein (ALSH) took place to include archaeological remains as one of the find categories, which could be reported via the app.  Once reported, the ALSH would be notified via the WWF. Moreover, the app also includes guidelines what kind of archaeological finds ought to be reported, with further legal information.

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Author: Daniel Zwick/State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein
Status: 20.05.2020
Copyright picture: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)








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