New website for AquaVip project

AquaVIP - Aquaculture Virtual Career Development Platform for the South Baltic Region - partners have developed a project website which...

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GRASS project in the WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme Newsletter

A new type of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea is the production of macroalgae as biomass for producing food, textile, paper, medicines, bioplastic and...

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Blå Roxen: A community-driven local initiative for eutrophication control using invasive water plants

The local sailing club in Linköping, Sweden, has noticed the invasive Elodea water plants gradually take over their home waters in the lake Roxen.

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New joint SUBMARINER position paper on ‘Aquaculture legislation’ 

Based on two workshops and one learning lab, the new SUBMARINER position paper highlights our joint recommendations on improvements necessary in...

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New test facility for a wave power plant launched by ‘Kiel’ on a model scale

The aim of the project is the development, construction and test operation of a wave power plant on a model scale.

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Accelerating „blue growth“ by exploration of enzymes from seaweed (by Levent Piker)

Algae play a very special role for the earth: in the history of the earth, they were the ones who brought oxygen into the atmosphere for the first time...

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