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Friday 04 November 2022 - Friday 25 November 2022
Inspire - Sustainable Aquaculture (3 weeks programme on aquaculture production in Europe)

Aquaculture is an important source of aquatic food and sector for food security as many wild fisheries around the globe are over exploited or reaching their maximum sustainable potential. As a result, aquaculture has become one of the world’s largest growing food production technologies. Algal biomass production is a rapidly growing field with huge opportunities for entrepreneurs in food production and nutraceuticals. Whilst, shellfish and finfish cultivation and fish feed production present further opportunities. In order to maximise these worldwide opportunities for business creation in the aquaculture sector, knowledge of related technology and its application is vital. 

The Inspire Sustainable Aquaculture programme will create a dynamic and supportive environment where participants will have the opportunity to create innovative solutions and business propositions, which increase the productivity and profitability of the aquaculture sector. The programme also aims to facilitate stakeholder engagement and partnerships through access to academics, leading companies in the industry and startups working to overcome challenges in the aquaculture sector at the live online events. 

The programme will provide training and theory in finfish, shellfish, algae biology, culturing, growth, molecular and metabolite analysis; present the barriers and opportunities within the aquaculture sector from a stakeholders perspective; deliver entrepreneurial content and support to develop innovative solutions and business propositions for the aquaculture sector.

Please visit the official website to learn more. 

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