A Match Made in Helsinki

Fighting the onset of age-related blindness with algae-based dietary supplements; using Baltic Sea mollusc shells for bone tissue engineering; or improving the efficiency of bioenergy production with a new dryer – these exciting biotech ideas are among the newest cases to be helped by the #BalticBlueBioAlliance.

Our first call for ideas came to a successful conclusion last week, as partners and case owners gathered for the project’s pitching and matchmaking event in Helsinki. In a fascinating series of short pitches, the 10 candidates selected during the call for ideas presented their proposals to an international jury of experts. Whilst six were then evaluated as most suitable to become Alliance project partners, all 10 cases can benefit from our developing service and are being offered mentorship by the #BalticBlueBioAlliance.

The two-day event was greatly enriched by contributions from internal speakers from the world of biotechnology and bioeconomy. They included Pierre Erwes (Chairman of BioMarine), Helena Vieira (Executive Director of the Portuguese BLUEBIO ALLIANCE) and Steinar Bersgeth (Project Coordinator of Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET and the Research Council of Norway). Participants also made great use of the opportunity to connect with each other during both the pre-booked and the informal time slots set aside for matchmaking. This resulted in various new collaboration ideas and promising connections. The event was hosted by Alliance project partner the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), whose premises at the Meteorological Institute provided an inspirational setting. With this successful event behind us, the Alliance is gathering momentum – look out for our second call for ideas early next year!

For more information, please visit www.b2match.eu/balticbluebioalliance-matchmaking


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