Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance releases illustrated reports on the state of play and outlook for 2019

Ahead of the kick-off meeting of the Alliance+, the extension project of the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance (Alliance) planned for 29-30 August, two brochures have been published.

GEOMAR, the LP of the Alliance and the Alliance+ projects has recently published two illustrated brochures presenting the state of play and future prospects of the “Alliance”. The brochures stamped the successful completion of the 3-year long Alliance project, but also flags the beginning of the operationalisation of the blue biotechnology collaboration platform and startup accelerator. The platform and accelerator will operate under the wing of the SUBMARINER Network, key partner in both projects lifetime. With 26 cases on board and several mentors and service providers, the Alliance, funded by Interreg BSR between 2016-2019, has proved that there is an innovation potential in the region that is worth supporting it and that the Alliance was the right mechanism to bridge the gap of product development within blue biotechnology in the region. With two brochures, one full brochure of 24 pages long, and one with executive summary, the Alliance articulates how it works, who benefits, and what experts and end-users say about the Alliance, but also present the future and welcomes new members, sponsors and supporters to join the future work.

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