Biomarine is driving blue investment in world blue bioeconomy

The Biomarine Business Convention took place in the city of Cascais Portugal on 5-6 November. As usual the meeting was full of 1-to-1 meeting opportunities, debates on hot topics and discussions crossing R&D, business and investment in The programme opened with announcing the launch of the International Blue Cooperative (IBC), a new global cooperation promoting low growth aquaculture as a means to reduce carbon footprint and   mitigate effects of climate change as well as scale blue bioeconomy opportunities. The new IBC had its first official meeting on the day by also announcing the name of the first president, Kimberly Buffitt, Director of Coop Solidarité Bioproduits of Canada.


In the second session, called Research and Blue Innovation, Efthalia Arvaniti of SUBMARINER Network, together with three other speakers from Portugal, Mexico and New Zealand presented actions worth sharing. Efthalia presented SUBMARINER Network’s new accelerator programme on blue growth, the “Alliance”.  The Alliance is an initiative that started three years ago with the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance project co-financed by Interreg BSR. The Alliance mentoring programme and accelerator is currently opening doors for new cases, mentors and supporters.

In the third session, called Blue Ingredients for cutting edge innovation, enchanting stories were presented on innovation with worms & microalgae, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, lobsters, fish processing by-products.

The second day had a packes programme with debates and panel discussion on hot topics like

  • Will algae and seaweed replace protein in the feed and food industry?
  • Climate and Blue bonds: what are they and how can they help the ocean?
  • How to foster global R&D and industry partnerships?
  • Will BioPlastics turn blue?

Parallel to the discussions there were several parallel 1-to-1 speed-dating meetings arranged by the participants.

Apart from Efthalia Arvaniti, also Kristian Koch from Ocean Basis was also present in Cascais.

Next event organised by Biomarine will be the Oceans Innovation Day during the Climate Show in Montreux on 4. December 2020. Registrations and info can be found here.


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