Coastal Biogas conference in Roskilde

The second Coastal Biogas conference took place on 13. November in Roskilde Denmark and SUBMARINER Network was there. The Coastal Biogas conference is a communication tool that bridges, eutrophication, one of the most important issues affecting 97% of the Baltic Sea affecting mainly coastal regions with the potential of producing value from a “nuisance”. In few word turn eelgrass beach cast int biogas and digestate.

The second conference of the project opened with the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission, better known as HELCOM. HELCOM presented their results from the progress evaluation since the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and the the process for updating BSAP by the end of the year. With the South Baltic Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy (SBRNRS), which will start in 2020, HELCOM aims to reduce nutrient input to the Baltic Sea by increasing nutrient use efficiency and circulation of available nutrients.

Coastal biogas project partners presented their work. Notably addition of seaweed to anaerobic digestion (AD) plants has positive outcome in methane production,  while if cattle is fed with macroalgae up to 25%, manure can digest better seaweed in AD plants. Technical barriers is sand content and partners are trying to enterprise solutions, e.g. swiftly washing beach cast in shallow sea waters. 

SUBMARINER Network presented its vision and actions relevant to nutrient recycling and battling eutrophication technologies in the Baltic Sea. We also presented the GRASS project and the activities that Coastal Biogas partners and supporters can benefit from.

Guldborgsund Municipality also was participating in the event presented their BIOFISK project that aimed to produce fish feed by feeding feed larvae with seaweed beach cast. Unfortunately the project is discontinued as it is not complying with food regulation.

Coastal Biogas is a three years project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg South Baltic Programme. Next conference is scheduled for 27 May 2020 in Neringa Lithuania.

More information about the project, aims, activities events and publications, can be found here:


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