PA INNO Meeting on the EUSBSR revision process

Submariner Network participated in a meeting organized by PA Inno dealing with the EUSBSR PA INNO contribution to the EUSBSR revision process. As flagship project of PA INNO Submariner Network is an important element of the action plan of PA INNO.
An important element of the discussion was a longer term support for networks and clusters like Submariner. In this context the draft regulation of the Commission for European territorial cooperation (ETC) for 2021 – 2027 foresees an “Component 5”. While the name for this programme still needs to be determined it is planned to be an investment programme focusing on the commercialization and scaling up of interregional innovation projects for the development of European value chains. Its characteristics are very specific for an ETC programme: it is a pure investment programme focusing only on innovation related matters, directly managed by the Commission.
Another possibility that was discussed was the possible extension of the maximum duration of Interreg projects from 3 years (current programming period) to 7 years. The duration of Interreg projects is - as long as it is within the programming period of 7 years - not restricted by the ETC regulation of the Commission but determined by the operational programmes of the respective Interreg programmes. Hence the Member States organized in the Monitoring Committee take the decision on the maximum duration of Interreg projects in their cooperation area.



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