SUBMARINER launches Mussels Working Group

The SUBMARINER Network has launched a Mussels Working Group to further research, promote and cooperate across the Baltic mussel production chain. A group of mussel farmers that were involved in the Baltic Blue Growth project have agreed to continue cooperation, to work on joint monitoring standards and to share and publish their data. The Working Group will also continue working on legal issues and potential certification of mussels.

Working Group Activities

  • one-stop-shop for relevant information on sustainable mussel farming
  • publication of policy papers 
  • cross-sectoral interlinkage to actors from other blue bioeconomy thematic fields, e.g. aquaculture, algae, multi-uses of sea, etc.
  • dedicated workshops on a demand-driven basis organised under the Blue Platform project
  • access to the Baltic Blue Growth Operational Decision Support System (ODSS) a user-friendly web application for sharing and analysing environmental data related to mussel farming
  • identification of funding and investment opportunities and dedicated partner collaboration in proposal development 
  • consulting services on offer through the SUBMARINER members on a demand-driven basis; e.g. assessment of business potential, technical/scientific support, product development, legal advice and financing.

Would you like to join the Mussels Working Group or learn more? Get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The data that is now available after five years of simultaneous projects researching the possibilities of mussel farming in the Baltic proper for nutrient removal and feed production, show positive results that encourage continued monitoring, cooperation and scaling up. the Working Group has come together to develop a policy paper to underline the positive data.

Policy Paper (September 2019)


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