Finnish Aquaponics Society (SAVRY) is now online!


The Finnish Aquaponics Society (SAVRY) is now online, and can be accessed here:

Together, the 7 current members cover a broad range of knowledge: Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Urban gardening, Phycology, Microbiology, Biogeochemistry & International business. The 4 CORE aspects (diagram by Tobias Lipsewers): SAVRY aims to improve these 4 core aspects to clear the way for aquaponics in Finland & elsewhere. SAVRY is a platform to exchange ideas & nurturing our creativity to carry out innovative research projects & design new system technologies. Increasing the availability of locally produced & fresh food to improve food safety, reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of our consumer behavior & save the environment from further

Aquaponics has multiple advantages for the consumer and the environment:

  • Multiple foodstuffs can be produced with this ecosystem and potentially zero-waste approach.
  • Improved food safety: No antibiotics, pesticides, and other harmful substances are required.
  • Increased sustainability: Due to a land-based recirculating system, eutrophication and overfishing of natural waters are counteracted.
  • Increased local production: Reduced emissions (e.g., CO2) due to shorter transport chains and reduced need for imported food.
  • High quality standards: Due to the lower production size, the fish would be of better health and thus, better quality (compared to sea-based mass production).
  • Improving the local economy: Creation of job and research possibilities (in rural and urban areas).
  • Aquaponic food production is independent of weather extremes, increasing with climate change; crisis-safe because it is not affected by collapsing transport chains; *HAB-safe because of the
    strictly monitored water quality.
    *HAB stands for Harmful Algae Bloom, which is a major threat to, for example, sea-based fish farms (Díaz et al., 2019).

SAVRY is currently busy expanding its network and with preparing a funding application to carry out a research project, organize an online-conference & educational events as well as publish Aquaponics-related research articles.


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