Investment guidelines for RAS aquaculture 


The purpose of the investment brochure is to help potential investors in preliminary decision-making, presenting the resources that are needed. The brochure is also for investors who have no previous experience in aquaculture. The report explains the basic terms used in this sector, the basic technical and technological description of African catfish and whiteleg shrimp cultivation. 

In the case of the African catfish, the whole analysis was based on data from real, functioning SMEs in the South Baltic, collected as part of the project and analysed for precautionary planning of future businesses. Regarding whiteleg shrimps, the data come from the few already operating businesses in the South Baltic area, pilot installations operating under the InnoAquaTech project, data from literature and from suppliers of technology and stocking material. 

Furthermore, the report contains a multi-dimensional model for a few selected production scales. The model describes the expected capital (investment) needs, the operational cost account, and finally the analysis of return on investment on a scale of 10 years at full production capacity. This is accompanied by recommendations regarding financial assembly – considering traditional and innovative sources of financing. 

The report has been developed by National Marine Fisheries Research Institute for InnoAquaTech and will be available online and can be downloaded from the SUBMARINER website soon!


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