Recirculating aquaculture technologies

New project to boost aquaculture technology development

SUBMARINER Network members are about to start a new project to boost the development and transfer of innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies in the South Baltic area. Their project InnoAquaTech was selected by the Interreg South Baltic Programme among the ideas submitted in the first call for projects.

Aquaculture is not a widespread sector in the South Baltic area yet. Introducing innovative and environmentally friendly production technologies could help to create added-value and increase the sector’s international competitiveness. InnoAquaTech seeks to contribute to the cross-border development and transfer of such innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies across the South Baltic area and offer SMEs all over the region access to state-of-the-art technology, know-how, expertise and financing models. Special focus will be given on recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and innovative combinations of RAS systems with e.g. plant production (aquaponic systems) and/or renewable energy production.

The project partners will

  • identify best practices of integrated aquaculture systems and evaluate their agroeconomic and environmental impact,
  • develop and implement an SME service package (consisting of e.g. matchmaking events, trainings, study visits and an innovation check tool) that shall be sustained by a South Baltic aquaculture alliance beyond the project lifetime,
  • implement four aquaculture pilot cases in Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Germany to gain hands-on experience on the actual regional potential of different innovative and sustainable aquaculture systems.

InnoAquaTech is lead by our network's founding member BioCon Valley. Project partners are the University of Rostock's chair for aquaculture and Sea-ranching as well as our network members Danish Technological Institute, Maritime Institute in Gdansk, University of Gdansk, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute as well well as Klaipeda Science and Technology Park.


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