InnoAquaTech session on SUBMARINER “Better off blue” conference in Berlin

On this year’s SUBMARINER conference (27. and 28. Sep 2017), InnoAquaTech organised an aquaculture session called “Creating added value in RAS aquaculture through innovative technology integration” The session looked into possibilities and approaches of creating added value in RAS aquaculture. It was moderated by Jesper Heldbo, General Secretary for the Danish business association AquaCircle.


InnoAquaTech – cross-border cooperation for integrating innovative RAS technology within the South Baltic Region

Adrian A. Bischoff-Lang, senior researcher at Rostock University’s aquaculture and sea-ranching department, presented the project InnoAquaTech. As RAS aquaculture does not (yet) play a big role in the southern part of the Baltic Sea region, one of the main aims of this project is to promote this form of technologies in the South Baltic area. The project is inter alia working on developing a decision support tool for investors to get preliminary evaluations on the feasibility of selected RAS systems.

It’s FRESH seafood – but there’s no ‘sea’ required

Peter Zeller, CEO of FRESH Corporation AG, presented the business case of FRESH which is operating a commercial large-scale sea water RAS system in Völklingen, Germany. One of the conclusions from his talk was that large-scale urban fish farming can provide solutions for carbon footprint and reduced energy consumption. According to Peter, traceability, real-time farm monitoring as well as functioning logistics are key components for economic success of this type of aquaculture.

RAS2020-Land-based Farming for the Future

Michael Bech, project developer at Krüger A/S, presented the technology of the company’s farm system RAS 2020. According to Michael, the capacity and size of RAS systems is increasing at high speed at the moment, and so are the prices. Especially in Norway, where it is actually almost impossible to get additional licenses to build further cage systems in the sea, RAS technology is getting more and more attractive to producers. Therefore, it is important to have a highly adjustable system, which guarantees best production conditions for important marine species e.g. Atlantic salmon or Yellowtail kingfish.

Innovation at the Food, Water, Energy Nexus: You can bet your RAS

In his talk, Jonathan Trent, Director at OMEGA Global Initiative, stressed that innovation at the food, water, energy nexus can best be created by intelligently combining different production systems into a holistic ecosystem. In his vision, RAS aquaculture could be a part of a system linking fish and microalgae production with agriculture and renewable energy production.


The further development of integrated aquaculture systems needs to go hand in hand with social awareness raising activities. Citizens, consumers and producers need to be taken on board from the very beginning and there needs to be an open dialogue on the possibilities and challenges of aquaculture. Besides this, existing legislation criteria, which are regulating the access to and use of water, but also the supply with cheap energy are needed to be defined in a RAS-specific approach to improve the competitiveness of such products.

Workshop presentations

OMEGA: you bet your RAS by J. Trent


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