A network for the Maritime and Fisheries Programme in the Baltic Sea Region - the BSR-EMFF network


The Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, the EUSBSR, describes cooperation and networking as one of the key tools to reach the aims of the strategy. During 2017 and 2018, a series of seminars was arranged for managing authorities in the EMFF and representatives of Fishery Local Action Groups (FLAGs).

It was financed by the Swedish Institute in its' Baltic Leadership Program. As a result there is now a permanent network formed which is meeting twice a year both to inform each other about the implementation of the EMFF in each country, but also to discuss common issues and thus promote cooperation.The Baltic Sea and its' fish stocks are a common resource. Therefore, it is important to use EU programs as intelligently as possible. Mutual understanding about each country's programme and context paves the way for a better common implementation of the programmes. There are also some possible synergies to explore between the EMFF-network and BALTFISH, which is another result of the EUSBSR.

The chairmanship for the network is circulated between the Member States. This year. the Swedish Managing Authority has the chair. The next meeting of the Network will take place in Warsaw, Poland at the end of March 2019. The results of the meeting will be a part of the Blue Platform project regarding alignment of funding.


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