LIFE SurfCleaner: New project funded with Blue Center Gotland

The overall objective of the project is to validate a new and patented, fully automated, solar powered technology for the collection and separation of marine litter. Capable of collecting plastics, as well as other substrates such as seaweed and harmful algae, without harming the local fauna. The collected waste will then be transformed into biocoal through a new process which greatly reduces cost. Allowing the partners to compare it with traditional biofuels, in terms of value and use and see if it can offset the cost of collecting the waste. The idea is to allow the validation of SurfCleaner’s unique technology for collection of marine waste to show that it is possible to create value from the waste through an improved process for “hydrothermal carbonization”, which allows for the use of wet substrates at substantially lower cost. This will allow possible users such as large scale processing industry to evaluate marine litter & seawed/HABs as new   sources of renewable energy. This will create a business model that can make the management of marine litter and seaweed/HABs sustainable and driven by local stakeholders long term. Whilst creating a methodology for how coastal communities can use innovations to create sustainable development in their regions. With SurfCleaner technology as a first example. 


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