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Challenges and opportunities for blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region

The potential and importance of algae and shrimp farming, new aquaculture products and blue bond financing were included in the program of the series of webinars entitled Challenges and opportunities for blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region, organised by the University of Gdańsk as part of the BSR INTERREG BluePlatform project.

The webinars were organized by Barbara Dmochowska and Hanna Łądkowska from the Department of Experimental Ecology of Marine Organisms of the Institute of Oceanography at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk, who moderated four meetings (in Polish): Cultivation and economic potential of algae in the Baltic Sea region, Blue bonds as a source of financing for a sustainable blue economy, Introducing new aquaculture products to the market – consumer knowledge and expectations regarding the product’s impact on the environment, and Feed and the growth and development of shrimps in sustainable farming – challenges and perspectives.

Presentations prepared by Aleksandra Zgrundo, Magdalena Mosionek-Schweda, Monika Normant-Saremba from the University of Gdańsk and Tomasz Kulikowski from the Sea Fisheries Institute – National Research Institute were met with great interest. A total of ninety participants: representatives of public administration, research institutes, industry associations, academics, entrepreneurs, students and doctoral students took part in the events. Thank you to all speakers for the interesting presentations on current topics of blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region, and to the participants for the interest in those important themes.

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