FucoSan – a successful cooperation on the trail of the fucoidans - to be continued


After three years of successful collaboration, the FucoSan project has ended last month, but then again a new chapter is opening! 

During the last partner meeting the unanimous opinion was that the cooperation went particularly well. The exchange between the international and interdisciplinary working groups has been very productive for everyone involved "Only together we were able to achieve such great results" – that is the summary of the partners.

The results of the Danish-German Interreg project can be found here in English:

In brief, in the FucoSan project, fucoidans of different brown algae species were researched and compared for three years. The activities covered various aspects from the cultivation and collection, processing and extraction of the fucoidans to their properties and applications. The results were stored in a new database and published in many journal articles. To take it to the next stage of innovation, in three pilot projects the suitability of selected fucoidans was tested in the fields of cosmetics, ophthalmology, regenerative medicine (tissue replacement methods for bone healing). 

In addition, the project partners developed a new network with actors from applied research and companies in the German-Danish border region in order to consider the economic potential and conditions for commercial use of the fucoidans, which will be funded again by the Interreg programme Deutschland-Danmark that just approved the new project. So the fucoidan trip will continue!

The University of Southern Denmark, and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, members of the SUBMARINER Network, have been partners in the FucoSan project, but also the SUBMARINER secretariat was a network partner for the project. In the wake of the new extension project, that is currently in a contractual phase, the SUBMARINER Network will keep the same roles and continue its support to FucoSan journey.

Project website:  www.fucosan.eu

The video explaining the FucoSan project in an easy way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvPIZDYxY68&feature=youtu.be

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