on 18. August a joint stakeholder event co-organised by the GRASS (Interreg BSR) and FucoSan Network (Interreg DE-DK).

In the event we had in numbers:

* 10 speakers expers in macroalgae and product development from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

* 48 participants from the Baltiics and beyond

* 7 sizzling presentations with state of play.

* 2 great panel discussions with 5 panellists from industry, academia and NGOs, such as ThinkTank Ocean and WWF Denmark.


You can also download the speakers PPT slides below in pdf format:

1/ Introduction to SUBMARINER Network work on macroalgae and the GRASS project - Efthalia Arvaniti, SUBMARINER (EN)

2/ Seaweed resources of the Western Baltic - Florian Weinberger GEOMAR, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, DE (EN)

3/ Sustainable large-scale aquaculture of the northern hemisphere Sea Lettuce, Ulva fenestrata, in an off-shore seafarm - Sophie Steinhagen, University of

Gothenburg, SE (EN)

4/ Is Gracilaria a new seaweed to farm in the Baltics? - possibilities and challenges – Susan Holdt, DTU, DK (EN)

5/ Macroalgae market in the Baltic Sea Region, with special focus on Denmark from GRASS project findings – Tomasz Kulikowski, NMFRI, PL (EN)

6/ Outcomes and potentials of fucoidan product development from FucoSan project - Alexa Klettner, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, DE (EN)

7/ Presentation of Tænketanken Hav - Liselotte Hohwy, Tænketanken Hav, DK (DK)


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