Submariner in action! We joined the united demonstration pilot and climbed an offshore wind farm in Denmark


On 20 September, the SUBMARINER team joined the demonstration days in Middelgrunden wind farm which included the boat tour to one of the iconic wind farms offshore Copenhagen, and climbed to the nacelle!

SUBMARINER has also recorded a video about the UNITED Middelgrunden offshore wind farm multi-use pilot that will be used as part of the project communication strategy. 

Would you like to know more about this offshore wind farm multi-use pilot? Check out the UNITED project website pilot page. Interesting fact --> Middelgrunden turbines are one of the few in Denmark still open for visits. Namely, it is not allowed to climb turbines installed after 2002, due to their characteristics, for safety reasons. But it is allowed in older turbines, as ladders are equipped with floor sections each 8 meters. As more and more older turbines are replaced by modern ones, Middelgrunden turbines are one of the few in Denmark still offering this experience to tourists and locals.

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