FuE’s End-of-the-Year Review

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, it has been a busy year for the FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH, which intended to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Instead of celebrations and festivities, the entire staff transitioned into home office overnight – from now on spiritedly engaging in web conferences – becoming familiar with one another’s ‘home office-living room-kitchen’ interior design. Although challenging, the staff managed this new situation with dedication and creativity, continuing with their research and day-to-day business. The 2020 highlight was the start of the European UNITED project in January. Unfortunately, the excitement about the project start and an inspiring kick-off meeting at Deltares (project lead), in the Netherlands, was dampened when lockdowns were announced everywhere. When asking the German project lead, Eva Strothotte, about her personal 2020 review, she replied “compared, to what has been going on in the world, we felt lucky, as many of our European partners faced much more severe Covid19 restrictions. The past year has not been easy for anyone, demanding a great deal of patience and personal flexibility, nonetheless we were able to proceed with our work”. 

Over the year, preparations for the planned offshore installations in 2021 continued at full swing. During the summer, bio fouling trials were conducted in the Baltic Sea in collaboration with Kiel Marine Farm (UNITED project partner). The construction of the benthic lander, to be installed at the offshore research plant FINO3 for automated and remote data collection, entered its final design stage. In preparation for next year’s offshore operations, the project team excitedly attended sea survival trainings, while in the fall, the team seized the opportunity to present the UNITED project at a hybrid conference for young scientists in Hamburg. 

“Although, we all certainly had different expectations about how 2020 would go, we managed to make the best of it,” concludes the FuE team and wants to heartily thank all their partners and especially the Submariner Network for their great work and excellent cooperation, wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a healthy happy new year.






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