Multi-use of European Sea space (MUSES)

Multi-Use in European Seas: Horizon 2020 MUSES project approved

Co-locating different maritime activities – such as offshore wind parks and mariculture – in one place can generate environmental, spatial, economic as well as societal benefits. At the same time, the concept is also hampered by numerous real or 'perceived' barriers, such as regulatory, operational, environmental, health and safety, societal and legal aspects.

The new Horizon 2020 project “Multi-Use in European Seas” (MUSES) will provide a comprehensive overview of these challenges, identify suitable sectors and sea areas and highlight priority issues for development. The project will be based on work with stakeholders from real ‘multi-use’ cases from all over Europe.

The SUBMARINER Network coordinates the action plan development in the project consortium, which involves 10 partners from all over Europe and is lead by Marine Scotland. The project is scheduled to start in October 2016.


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