MUSES project partners

MUSES: Towards multi-uses in European Seas

The Horizon 2020 funded project MUSES (Multi-Uses in European Seas) is the latest SUBMARINER Network project to be launched. The kick-off meeting took place in Brussels on 13-14 December and brought together the project consortium of 10 European partners, led by Marine Scotland.

The MUSES project partners will look at how European seas are currently being used and what could be the real multi-uses opportunities. This 2 year, Horizon 2020 funded project will review existing processes, used across the EU, for marine and coastal development to ensure they are sufficient for the sustainable, multi-use of the marine environment.

The SUBMARINER Network team is excited to be the leader of the Work Package 4 - Action Plan. The Action plan, as the final output of the project, will pinpoint the real opportunities for Multi-Use in European Seas, including the scope for innovation and Blue Growth potential, from a users perspective, and propose clear actions to be taken in order to overcome existing barriers and minimize risks associated with Multi-Use development.

Project will also assess potential synergies for multi-use as well as the challenges encountered through a series of case studies with different thematic, geographic and focus area dimensions, and engage local stakeholders to identify barriers, opportunities, limitations and needs. Two case studies in the Baltic Sea will be brought by SUBMARINER Network members. The Danish Technological Institute will contribute to a case study focused on offshore wind production & marine biomass production & environmental remediation in Danish waters. The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH) will use its experience to supply the case study on global resource area optimization, focused on energy, food supply and environment in Swedish waters.

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