2nd SUBMARINER Conference Better off Blue – Creating synergies for a biobased society

Better Off Blue – Creating synergies for a bio-based society

A huge amount of activity is happening in the field of blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region – both under the umbrella of the SUBMARINER Network and through independent initiatives among its members and beyond. Following the launch of the SUBMARINER Roadmap during the 1st SUBMARINER Conference in Gdańsk in September 2013, the 2nd SUBMARINER Conference "Better Off Blue – Creating synergies for a bio-based society" will make the most of this activity.
It will take place in Berlin, Germany on 27–28 September 2017, so save the date!

Conference aims:

  • To unite the actors working for progress towards a blue bioeconomy and bio-based society in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • To showcase advances, create synergies and stimulate active cooperation between the multitude of ongoing projects under the SUBMARINER Network umbrella and beyond;
  • To offer an excellent matchmaking opportunity with time for structured and informal networking;
  • To position the Network, its stakeholders and actions with a view to the European Commission’s Implementation Strategy for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region and look beyond the BSR to the European and global context.

The cross-cutting topics:

  • The Baltic Sea Region’s blue bioeconomy in the European context;
  • Changing markets for marine protein sources in feed;
  • Smart specialisation and the blue economy;
  • Nutrient mining in the Baltic Sea – a driver for regional development;
  • Smoothing the transition from R&D to market in the blue bioeconomy;
  • Financing environmental services;
  • Creating added value in aquaculture through integration;
  • Marine biobased materials and chemicals.

The organisers

The conference is organised in the framework of the project Baltic Blue Growth and in cooperation with the other SUBMARINER Network projects InnoAquaTech, Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance, Smart Blue Regions and MUSES.

Stay tuned for updates and further announcements. We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin in September!


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