Blue Platform project funded by Baltic Sea Region INTERREG programme

The first project developed and submitted by the SUBMARINER Network EEIG has just been awarded!

The Blue Platform project is a 3-years project that aims to capitalise on existing projects’ results and products, as each partner is representing one regular transnational “blue bioeconomy” project from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

In 2017 the EC published the report “Recommendations towards an implementation strategy for the Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region”, which identified blue bioeconomy as one of four areas with high potential for blue growth. This report called for an increased dialogue and cooperation between the respective blue bioeconomy activities of the public sector, research communities and private companies.

The Blue Platform project is in reply to this need: Seven project partners from seven different EU Member States in the BSR are feeding more than 25 main outputs (we call them “products”) from more than 10 projects from a scope of different blue bioeconomy sectors and funding programmes into one BSR-wide platform.

In working towards the specific objective of the Blue Platform project, which is to improve the framework conditions and to increase the capacity of public authorities and practitioners for advancing the blue bioeconomy in the BSR, the project aims to

  • Deepen knowledge about the products / outcomes of regular projects
  • Optimise framework for streamlining activities in the blue bioeconomy field across the BSR and
  • Improve transnational and cross-sectoral strategic communication.

Building on the products from the regular projects, the Blue Platform project will inter alia develop:

A manual with joint standards for blue bioeconomy interventions in the BSR, the Blue Platform Roadmap 2020, policy papers on the alignment of funding and legislation, an online “Blue Platform” containing a repository of products, up-to-date information and actors, and a transnational and cross-sectoral “Better off Blue 2.0” conference.

All seven partners are also end-users of these outputs among them the Policy Area Coordinator (PAC) for Bioeconomy of the EUSBSR and the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth.

Among the other end-users of the outputs are

  • Managing Authorities for national EMFF, regional ERDF and EARFRD
  • Other PACs of the EUSBSR (e.g. Inno and Nutri), but also the Nordic Council of Ministers and its Blue Bioeconomy Forum
  • National and regional public authorities dealing with blue bioeconomy
  • Public and private business development organisations and companies

The awarded projects were announced last week and the Blue Platform is expected to kick-start in October 2018.

Other platform projects awarded were: SUMANU, BSR Access, ReQU2 and CSHIPP.


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